Asking the right questions

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  • Diamandis: in an era when you can have all the answers (from Google) it’s the questions you ask that matter
  • Einstein: if I had an hour to solve a problem I would spend 55 minutes framing the right question

Singularity - what Kurzweil noticed

  • Explain exponential growth
  • Doubling - more then sum of all previous values
  • Folding paper
  • Lake filling up
  • Slow exponential growth is sub linear
  • Money in the bank, credit cards

Thinking about thinking: global and exponential No longer local and linear Design thinking - also explain systematic innovation technique Computational thinking Critical thinking

Grit - Steven Kotler about 6 kinds


  • Scientific method - still back to Kurzweil

1 Starts with observation 2 model 3make prediction Best track record

Exponential technologies Our lifetime: computing and networks (internet) Counterintuitive: the visionaries of personal computing missed out on the internet Gates, Jobs

Convergence- then 2 now a dozen Convergence game

Provide sources for two week experience: follow the news for two weeks

  1. AI
  2. SynthBio
  3. Self driving cars
  4. Drones
  5. Robotics
  6. Material science
  7. Additive manufacturing
  8. Blockchain, crypto currency, decentralized application
  9. AR and spatial computing
  10. VR
  11. IOT - sensors and networks
  12. Energy

The parable of the four blind men (why four?) who describe an elephant

  • Climate change
  • Ai causing unemployment
  • Longevity
  • Inequality
  • Nuclear threat

New literacies

Field to study

  • Self diving cars
  • Drones, flying cars
  • Quantum computing
  • Space mining

Fields to research

  • Quantum computer and internet
  • Synthetic biology

Meaning of life: life itself_